An ethereal story about something real/ 120 min. / 16+

Somewhere on the edge of the sky, in the Milky Way galaxy, near the hot Sun, there is a small Ukrainian
town on planet Earth. In this town there is an unnamed street and a house called Swallow’s Nest. Yulka,
also known as Moonlight Birdgirl, lives here. And Yulka has such an interesting nature that no man can
ignore her. Every man stops when he sees her freeze at the window, exposing her perfect body to the
cool moonbeams. Each of the men has a choice: to explode, like a starry eternity, and continue their
endless flight across the galaxy, or leave forever like billions of other extinct stars. What kind of magic
power that attracts men to Birdgirl so much? Is this the law of the Universe or is it just desires of the

Director: Andriy Bilous
Production designer: Oleksiy Havrysh
Light design: Marie Akopian , Sergiy Ogrudnytsky
Musical design: Olesya Stefanyk

Yulka – Veronika Shostak
Shurka – Daniil Mireshkin, Vitaliy Bobukh
Kolka – Sergiy Radchenko
Lyudka – Larysa Sheloumova
Hostess – Slava Krasowska
Mother-in-law – Iryna Bilous
Lyubka – Mariia Motorna, Mariia Chuprynenko
Rudko – Stanislav Veselskyi

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