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Air drama based on the play «Uncle Misha is walking by» by the modern Ukrainian playwright Lyudmila Tymoshenko.

School-leaver Lida dreams about flying. She wants to be like her uncle, an international pilot. After graduating from school, the girl wants to become an air hostess and fly away from this cramped apartment, this provincial town and this grey life. 

Suddenly, her dream goes into a dive! Her beloved uncle absurdly dies during his holidays. Fortunately, he still has loyal friends who will definitely help Lida’s dream come true. However, how much will it cost and in what currency will she have to pay for her dream?

This is a story about growing up and character-building, a story about difficult decisions that shape the personality. The story unfolds in the 1990s, when the whole country learns and grows up alongside characters to the music from the “cassette player”.

Director: Yuri Radionov

Art director: Yulia Zaulichna

Choreographer: Lydia Soklakova

Light design: Olexander Polonsky


Lida – Larysa Sheloumova, Khrystyna Deilyk

Tamara Stepanivna – Tetiana Marshtupa, Iryna Nakonechna

Andriy –  Stanislav Veselskyi

Igor Mikhailovych – Sergiy Radchenko

Авіадрама / 1 год. 30 хв. / 16+

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