Death candle in her eyes

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Weird love story unfolds between the world of the living and the dead. Timid Nazar leaves a boring party and meets a mysterious girl. This beauty is not much of a talker but she doesn’t mind going out on a date with Nazar. It would seem to be a great opening for a melodrama. But the rain begins, it brings its own changes to this refined story. Rain opens the door to the Netherworld and the locals are released: two, probably, insane ghosts-philosophers and a seductive goddess of passion. And the mysterious girl of Nazar makes his skin crawl… An experiment with combined genres and theatrical traditions. An artist’s theater, where the key to meaning is hidden in every smallest element. Artificial poses or mockery? A mystical enigma that cannot be solved rationally. Turn on your imagination. Become a child. And then the doors will open for you to the wonderful unknown world of symbols and metaphors.

Author – Alex Wood

Director and Scenographer – Bohdan Polishchuk

Composer – Yana Shlyabanska

Choreographer – Svitlana Oleksyuk

Light design: Sergiy Ogrudnitsky


Matsuo Bashō – Dmytro Bazai

Hryhorii Skovoroda – Maksym Kushchov

Nazar (nerd boy) – Tymur Burlaka

The girl (whose name should be mentioned) – Veronika Shostak The

Bartender (whose name we never call) – Liza Bakulina

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