Place for the Dragon

Fairy tale / 1 hour 20 minutes / 10+

What shell the lubotin prince do, when there are neither wars nor robbers, no fights in his lands? Just be happy, right? But not to the joy of the poor prince: the daughter does not have anyone to marry, he does not have anyone to enherit his lands. But how can you find the worthy candidate for the princess, when the knights don’t have where to show their courage and heroism? But somehow the news about the real dragon spread in princedom.

What a luck: the knights will have something to do – kill the Dragon, Princess Nastasia – will become the groom, and the prince will have the successor. And everything would have happened as planned, if not one slight problem. The Dragon was not quite ordinary …

The Place for the Dragon in the Maly Theater is a magic fairy tale about kindness, responsibility, humanity, and the hard choices that each of us has to make. Or maybe not a fairy tale. Therefore, look carefully: alongside us, in reality there are strange dragons, insidious princes, noble and not very knights and unfortunate princes.

Аuthor – Y.Vinnichuk

Directed by Dmitro Veselsky

Choreographer – Nina Kolesnikova

Scenographer – Alex Gavrish

Cast: Christina Deylik, Maria Motorna, Dmitry Bazai, Stanislav Veselsky, Alexander Galafutnik, Maxim Kushchov, Daniil Mireshkin, Maxim Tsedzinsky, Yuri Shulgan.

2 Replies to “Place for the Dragon”

  1. Ребята , это шедевр ,,,не могла отойти от впечатлений долгое время , потрясающий текст , игра актёров , Дракон немного плавает ,,,🤨, но в целом соответствует образу на все 100. Очень понравился сценарий ,,

  2. Дуже сподобалося. Дякую!
    Таке враження, що сценарій написаний саме під цих акторів. Це неймовірно!
    Не впевнена, що це дитяча вистава, хіба що 12+. І для дітей, що налаштовані на філософські роздуми.

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