Small circle

We dream that each of our spectators could say with confidence: Maly theater is my friend. And we are working on it. But there is a circle of people… A small circle! Spectators who are considered to be an integral part of our team. Those who are on the same wavelength, who share
our values and understand the context. Those who attend every premiere, and sometimes more than once. The closest ones! Our dearest ones! We have set up a Small Circle for such people. This is both a closed club and a loyalty program. Small Circle is the possibility of close communication with a loyal audience. It’s an attempt to expand these an audience and strengthen its loyalty. We really would like to obtain qualitative
Community members receive discounts, bonuses special, offers and birthday gifts. Small Circle members are invited to special events and theater parties such as pre-opening, season closing and others.
Community members define the winner in the annual Theatrical Ideas Pitching. There is a special interview for them on Telegram and a section «close friends» on Instagram. You can become a member of the community in one of the following ways:

  • invitation from someone of the theater staff
  • 7 stickers of visits (visiting seven different performances of the theater)
  • participation in competitions on social media
    Join us!

3 Replies to “Small circle”

  1. Я вас вітаю шановні!
    Мені подобається усе, що тут написано про ваш театр.
    Маю намір бути на виставах.

  2. Вітаємо!
    Дуже вразив спектакль “Точка зору”!
    Хочему бути в цьому “Малому колі”!
    А де же брати наклейки?
    А може хтось із колективу театру запросить нас в цей “коло”?)

    1. Дякуємо!
      Будемо раді розширити своє Мале коло для Вас! За стікерами звертайтесь до адмінстратора театру.

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