Force play for one and a half actions / 1 hour. / 16+

«FORCE PLAY» is a tense and stressful play that every moment could turn into a catastrophe. And
while it continues, you can experience the extreme reality and the rush of adrenaline at the height in the
set design of the city. Expose your sensitive nerve; share with us your delicate sensibilities of fear, suspense and provocation.
The Maly Theater ask you to think about difficult questions that have come to everyone’s mind at least once:
«… What to do when you decide to commit suicide?»
«Would you really want to face death?»
And finally get some answers.

Author of the play «The Bridge»: Mario Fratti
Director: Mariia Stepaniuk

Pablo – Yuriy Kulinich
Policeman Joseph – Sergiy Radchenko
Lieutenant – Artem Martynishin

Premiered on September 29, 2018


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  1. Від усього серця бажаю Малому подальшого розвитку та творчих успіхів! Вистава FORCEPLAY це щось неймовірне! За час перегляду можна пережити майже весь спектр можливих емоцій! Я у захваті! Натхнення вам!😍😘👍👏

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