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Half-words and allusions / 1 hour. 40 minutes / 16+

Two it is a meeting with the eyes of a stranger a little longer than needed

Two it is the idea that your friend is, in fact, more than just a friend.

Two it is a joke that only she gets.

Two it is a flowerpot that you planted together.

Two it is a reunion after a quarrel.

Two it is touches that don’t seem to mean anything.

Two it is little words that should have been saying.

Two it is she and her new boyfriend with the goofy haircut.

Two it is a silly smile on your face that just can’t be helped.

Two it is New Year’s celebration at my place and Christmas at your place.

Two it is his perfume on your hair.

Two it is your secret sticker pack.

Two it is when 400 likes under the photo on Instagram are not important, and only one is really significant.

Two it is something out of place.

Two it is touches that don’t really mean anything.

Two it is not a performance.

Two it is a randomly overheard conversation at the next table.

Two it is a topic and sometimes it is a problem.

Two it is a voyage of self-discovery.

Two it is a few dozen short, unrelated observations about the relationships between a man and a woman. The episodes are based on stories from the lives of actors and their loved ones, as well as love stories from classical art, reinterpreted through the prism of the present.

Director: Dmytro Veselskyi

Stage design: Bohdan Polishchuk

Light design: Oleksandr Polonskyi

Musical design: Stanislav Veselskyi

Poster design: Stanislav Veselskyi

Cast: Stanislav Veselskyi, Khrystyna Deilyk, Yuriy Kulinich, Larysa Sheloumova, Sergiy Radchenko, Mariia Chuprynenko, Daniil Mireshkin Maksym Kushchov, Liza Bakulina, Slava Krasowska, Veronika Shostak Oleksanr Ivanov.

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  1. Прем‘єра вдалася. Проста та зворушлива вистава, яка після себе залишила відчуття цієї самої зворушеності, а ще враження, яке виникає, коли їдеш з вечірки і тобі трохи сумно – бо було круто, неповторно, і хочеться, щоб нескінченно, але всьому свій час. І ти вже знаєш, що точно повториш.

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