Ukrainian Maly Drama Theater was established by actress, theater critic and People’s Artist of Ukraine Valentina Kimberska in April 1989 upon request of the Union of Theater Actors of Ukraine. Since 2017, Maly Theater has been headed by Dmytro Veselsky.
Since 2016, Maly Theater has been located in a historical building built in 1907. Once this building was a surgical clinic, the headquarters of the Ukrainian political party, a shelter for the activists of the Revolution of Dignity. The building of the theater is an example of Kyiv Art Nouveau, constructed by the architect Ignatiy Ledokhovsky. This beautiful ancient house is distinguished by a shod gate and a spacious summer terrace decorated with a lion sculpture. The famous lion is the work of the talented self-taught sculptor Feodir Sokolov.

Theater today
Dmytro Veselsky, artistic director of the Maly Theater:
Nowadays, theatergoers are people with particular qualities. They have well developed empathy; they are prone to a deep reflection and a passion for finding new meanings.

Maly Theater is a chamber theater. We have an honest conversation with our audience. Theater is the meeting place for an actor and a spectator. Feelings, emotions, thoughts are referred eye to eye.
Maly Theater is a Ukrainian theater. We are a small part of Ukrainian culture. We create Ukrainian content, we try to form common values. We look for national codes and reflect on the national idea.
Maly Theater is a modern theater. We create new meanings and try to experiment with different forms and styles. We are in the context of contemporary European art.
Maly Theater is an open-minded theater. We want to develop and search together with those who come to us. We are always glad for a creative dialogue with artists of the theater and other areas of art, as well as with everyone who shares our values.

Maly Theater it is the theater where you matter!